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Asahi Tsushin has a story
Our company was established in 1967, manufacturing wiring for car stereos. Ever since then, we have continued to work to develop our wire harness technologies, based around the key concepts of lighter, thinner, and shorter.

Continuing the Challenge. Building a new Asahi Tsushin brand.

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We will continue to contribute to society with our high-end audio-visual, communications, and automotive wire harnesses, to fulfill what we see as our mission of making "connections."

The Asahi Group, expanding around the world

The Asahi Group

Asahi Tsushin, expanding around the world
Currently, we have 12 manufacturing locations including Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China.

Asahi Denshi Co., Ltd.

Asahi Denshi Co., Ltd.

Using our industry-leading ultra-high-density mounting technologies, we provide a development, production, and analysis service right through to finished products.

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Head office:12-21, Sakae-machi, Fukushima City 960-8031, Japan TEL:+81-24-524-2111
Kawamata Manufacturing Plant:1 Aza Nakayama, Tsuruzawa, Kawamata-machi, Date County,
Fukushima Prefecture, 960-1406 Japan Tel: +81-565-2111